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Who We Help

We see that the impact of a breast cancer diagnosis is much more far reaching than just the individual diagnosed. This disease has physical, emotional and financial repercussions on entire families, which often go overlooked…

Client Profile
Don't Give Up POP! will serve any individual or family affected by breast cancer who seeks out our assistance. Support requests have historically been initiated by women between the ages of 30-50. These women tend to be underinsured or have been completely dropped from their insurance. Our clients represent a diverse mix of family consisting of single and double parent households as well as those without children.

Our clients may or may not be employed at the time they reach out to us for support. However, most typically are unable to work due to their treatment regimens. What we call ‘life items’ such as gas, groceries, insurance fees/co-pays, etc. can be challenging for our clients to obtain on their own. We work through our signature programs to address these and other support mechanisms survivor families may need to leverage during their breast cancer journey.

Digging Deeper
We also strive to find synergies with other non-profit organizations that in some way serve segments of our own constituency. For example, churches, youth mentoring organizations, survivor support groups geared towards men dealing with diagnosis in their family, etc. We find it critical to link with these organizations to give access to resources we may not be equipped to provide. These connections also allow us to draw deeper connections with a broader base of individuals affected by breast cancer who can benefit from education on prevention and coping tools.

We believe it will take an army to ultimately eradicate this disease and a village to form the bonds necessary to lift up all those affected by breast cancer in the meantime. Learn more about our signature initiatives.