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31 Days of Pink Talk - Pink Talk

31 Days of Pink Talk

31 Days of Pink Talk serves as our signature education and awareness platform used as a change catalyst in terms of how the topics of breast cancer awareness and eradication are viewed. We look to educate, empower and excite the community to take action against breast cancer. In essence, it is a month-long, digital dialogue leveraging various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even YouTube to spark thought-provoking conversation and information share. We aim to bring this dialogue directly to the living rooms, laptops, smart phones and tablets of people everywhere by utilizing the electronic communications mediums they tap into every day.

Why Pink Talk?

We are looking forward to engaging with you throughout Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) as we take full advantage of ‘the more you the more you grow’ philosophy and spark real and, at times, possibly even controversial discussion around various topics related to breast cancer. It is through this collaborative chat session that critical knowledge will be simultaneously shared and imparted creating a virtual think-tank of information we all can benefit from in making breast cancer a distant memory for the generations to come.

Pink Talk 2015

Pink Talk has become an annualized initiative for POP! and and if you haven't had the chance to take part as of yet, this year will prove to 'wow' you. Look out for daily posts to Facebook and Twitter based on our weekly focal areas and be ready to share your insights, opinions, questions or general commentary on the topics. We will use Instagram and YouTube to take you out in the community with us and capture a glimpse of how we 'live our mission' and put our vision in action. See our social media screen names and handles below - Like, Follow and Subscribe today!